We at Purple Label are proudly the first “Fourth-Party” Premium Quality Assurance Company in the Graded Trading Card Industry. Our service provides an opportunity for a wide range of card enthusiasts. From novices all the way to hardened pros, Purple Label can be beneficial to all who use the product. Our service can be a major asset for those looking to identify cross-grade and re-grade candidates. Perhaps most importantly, Purple Label delegates agency, or independence to the card owner when it comes to sales, as opposed to similar services.

Mr. Greg Campbell, the founder and CEO of Purple Label, possesses a background in multiple collectibles fields. A Long Island native, he primarily specializes in and exercises a strong passion for sports and non-sports trading cards. Many consumers and dealers alike describe Mr. Campbell as having a sharp mentality with a no-nonsense approach. As a believer in the adage “Accessibility is Good Business,” he prefers in-person interaction with clients. Greg has been distinguished by many as having an incredible “eye” when it comes to the condition of a sports trading card. Not only is he known as someone who can tell you why a particular graded card receives its grade from a Third Party Grading company (TPG), but can also tell you the exact grade of a raw, ungraded card. It is Mr. Campbell’s accuity in identifying high-end cards that satisfies a demand much-needed.

An arbitrary “Human Element” is a common factor in the card grading arena. When in the market of graded sports cards, one must consider the card itself, and not just the “assigned grade.” Too often is the number observed, before the condition. Mr. Campbell and the Purple Label team strive to identify cards with strong attributes within the same grade. The product provided by Purple Label, the Purple Label Verification Sticker, is a High-End designation. To the benefit sellers, HE stickers are proven to positively affect marketplace value of a collectible, most notably in the graded coin industry.

As a collector, dealer, investor, or gift-giver, peace of mind is an important factor in making a purchase. This is what Purple Label offers to the card-collecting public. The Purple Label Verification Sticker can help provide the peace of mind necessary in making all your future Graded Card purchases.