Does a submission that does not receive a sticker indicate that Purple Label feels the card is overgraded?
A: Not at all. The intention of our stickers is to promote trading card examples that truly stand out from similarly graded counterparts. A rejection of a submission does not represent any negative implication toward the card or the grading company.
Which graded card slabs qualify for Purple Label?
A. We sticker the following grading slabs: BGS, BVG, SGC, SCD with red label, KSA, GAI, BCCG, and PSA.
Does a stickered card mean that it will grade higher?
A: We do not and can not guarantee any future results from grading companies. However, positive regrading results are certainly a possibilty.
Can a submission that has previously been rejected receive a sticker in the future?
A: Each submission is reviewed as if it is the first time it has been seen by us. Although it is a rare occurrence, a card that has been previously denied certification may be considered for a sticker.
If a stickered card is broken out of the sealed grading holder, can it be stickered again?
A: If the graded card's holder is tampered with or compromised in any way, our certification becomes void. A card must be graded again from an approved grading company before it can be considered for a new sticker.